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Become a Paw Club member and unlock access to member rewards and benefits.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


1. Join

Simply set up an EZ-Ship order of items you want delivered on a reoccurring basis and you are officially a member of Paw Club!


2. Earn

Earn one Paw Point (PP) for every dollar that you spend.


3. Redeem

Redeem your points for special gifts to spoil your furry friend.

Paw Club Membership is Rewarding

  • Receive FREE SHIPPING* when you have 3 or more qualifying items* in your EZ Ship order
  • Receive a 25% off shipping on EZ Ship orders with less than 3 qualifying items*
  • Earn Paw Points (PP) for every dollar that you spend
  • After your very first EZ Ship order has shipped 3 times, all points earned from those 3 shipments will be DOUBLED
  • Redeem your points to purchase toys.

Have a question? See our Paw Club FAQ

Start Earning Points

is a Paw Club Perk!

All You Need Is Three!

Any three qualifying items* on EZ Ship

With 3 Even Food Rides FREE

Cat and dog food items now ship for free with any 3 qualifying items*

Free shipping is a benefit available to all Paw Club members as long as they have 3 or more qualifying items in their EZ Ship order. Qualifying items include anything except dog food or cat food (wet or dry).

Note:​ Dog and cat food (wet or dry) are not qualifying items, but will ship free with any qualifying EZ Ship order. Due to size and shipping requirements, beds and bowls are not eligible for free shipping. FREE SHIPPING Excludes Alaska, Hawaii and products purchased with pawPoints.