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It's Fun and Easy To
Make a Difference
As a petPro


As a pet lover, we already love to talk about our pets. As a petPro, it’s the natural way to start conversations with pet parents you know and meet.


Simply share samples and a video! You don’t have to be an expert. Let our products and videos do the work for you.


Follow up and ask how the pet enjoyed it. “Want some? Let’s get started.” It really is that simple.

See The Difference

In Your Life!

Do what you love and love what you do while making a difference in the lives of pets and people. That’s the pawTree way of life!


Have fun with a community of pet lovers


Work part-time, full-time or some-time


An opportunity for financial freedom

Three Basic Ways to Make Money

Compensation Details

When you share our products with others, you earn between 10% - 20% on everything you sell. You can also get your product for free and earn ongoing bonuses of $10 to $100 for simply gathering loyal Customers and sponsoring petPros with product packs!


As you introduce others to pawTree, you may find that some will want to join your team. You can earn 1% - 7% on the sales of the people below you in addition to other bonuses as your business grows.


As you become a leader by helping others to do what you have done, you will be paid 1% - 4% on the sales of the teams that develop below you infinitely deep!

Start simply with the Basic Sales Kit

Basic Sales Kit

Basic Sales Kit

  • Pack of 25 pawBooks
  • 10 pawTreat Samples
  • 10 pawParing Sample Packets
  • 6 Months of Free Web Fees

Start prepared with the Complete Sampling kit for just $49.99 and be ready to share samples when your kit arrives.

Complete Sampling Kit

Start prepared with the Complete Sampling kit for just $49.99 and be ready to share samples when your kit arrives.

  • Pack of 25 pawBooks
  • 40 pawTreat Samples
  • 5 pawPairing Seasoning Shakers
  • 6 Months Of Free Web Fees

Ready to dive in? Start with the Ultimate Product Pack for just $299.99 and receive a variety of products from the Dog and Cat line as well as all of the items in the Complete Sampling Kit.

Ultimate Product Pack

Ultimate Product Pack

  • Pack of 25 pawBooks/li>
  • 40 pawTreat Samples
  • 5 pawPairing Seasoning Shakers
  • Freeze Dried Chicken, Apples and Kale pawTreats
  • Freeze Dried Salmon and Cranberries Cat Treats
  • Dental Sticks - Small
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 16 oz.
  • Joint Support Plus for Dogs, 60-ct Small Chews
  • Joint Support Plus for Cats 45-ct Small Chews
  • Gastro Pro Plus (30 ct)
  • Bladder Support Plus for Dogs and Cats 60-ct
  • Hairball Support Plus for Cats 120-ct
  • Skin Support Plus (8 oz)
  • Flea & Tick Spray (8 oz.)
  • Ear Wash & Ear Dry 4 oz.
  • Cat Food Canned Pate - Real Chicken And Turkey Entrée 5.5 oz.
  • Cat Food Canned Morsels in Gravy - Real Whitefish, Salmon & Herring Entrée 5.5 oz.
  • 6 Months Of Free Web Fees

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