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MY pawBox
MY Way...

A special and fun box filled with all the fabulous things YOU know YOUR unique pet loves!

MY pawBox is different from other "boxes":

  • All natural nutrition
  • Completely customizable - get treats or toys or supplements
  • Order only what you want
  • Decide when you want it delivered
  • Change your order any time
  • Products for both dogs and cats

If you want your order to arrive in a pawBox be sure to put it on EZ Ship!

  • MY pawBox My Way

    Creating that special box of products that will delight your fur family and make your heart happy is what MY pawBox is all about. You choose what's best for your pet and tell us how often you want it delivered. We'll take care of the rest!

  • Hear From A Pet

    We all want what's best for our pets, but how do you know you're feeding the right food? Walter shares how pawTree makes a difference with customized pet nutrition plans.

  • Hear From A Vet

    Proper nutrition is very important for vibrant, happy and healthy lives for our pets. No two pets' nutritional needs are the same. Our veterinarian advisory council shares how our customized, natural and holistic foods and supplements will fit your pet's needs.

Making a Difference in The Lives of Pets

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    Join our community of pet lovers, changing the lives of pets, changing the hearts of people.

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