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Treat Me Right!, For Dogs and Cats

Item: SS0004


Ideal for:

  • Delicious Variety
  • Picky Eaters
  • Training
  • Pets Needing Limited Ingredients
  • Dogs and Cats

These favorites are perfect for training, rewarding or as a delicious addition to their meals. Your pet won’t be able to resist these real-food meat treats! Healthy and natural, they’re great for any occasion. But word of caution…don’t take them to the dog park or daycare unless your BFF likes to share!


Unlike most pet treats on the market that are made up of empty calories and fillers, and are high in carbohydrates, pawTreats are made with real meat and complementary fruits and vegetables. No fillers whatsoever! They're all natural and completely grain free. Available in freeze-dried or dry-roasted varieties to preserve the goodness of our ingredients.


Key Benefits:

  • Natural, wholesome and holistic
  • Grain free
  • No corn, no wheat, no soy
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • No fillers
  • Developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Freeze-Dried Process

Freeze-dried is the closest to real food that you can get in a shelf stable form. Our freeze-dried treats are minimally processed so all the goodness stays in. Freeze drying is the process where the product is put into a frozen state and then into a freeze dryer – a large chamber that is pressurized and takes the meat directly from the frozen state to a dry state skipping the "wet" state. The result is delicious meaty treats that are high in protein and completely yappetizing!


Dry-Roasted Process

Dry-roasted treats are similar to jerky treats. The process takes about 15 hours to fully dehydrate the meat to the proper consistency to meet pawTree's standards. Our dry-roasted treats are all meat with some fruits and vegetables - 100% goodness!


Try Our Surprise Me! Treats

Don’t know what to choose? Let us choose for you with our Surprise Me! Treats. Your dog or cat will receive a special surprise as often as you want! We’ll select one of our nutritious and delicious pawTreats and have it delivered right to your door! You can use our meaty treats to make delicious recipes at mealtime, or straight out of the bag for multiple treating occasions. It’s a fun surprise for you and your BFF (Best Furry Friend). Choose to get this monthly, and treat them right!


Makes a great gift idea! (We can ship to multiple locations)


Freeze-Dried Chicken, Apples & Kale



- Chicken, Apples, Kale


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 52%
Crude Fat (min) 8% 15%
Crude Fiber (min) 4%
Moisture (max)  6%


Calorie Content ME (Calculated)
4,036 kcal/kg 8 kcal/treat*

*based on an average treat size of 2 grams



Freeze-Dried Beef, Sweet Potatoes, Peas & Carrots



- Beef, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Carrots


Guaranteed Analysis:


Crude Protein (min) 53%
Crude Fat (min) 8% 15%
Crude Fiber (min) 6%
Moisture (max)  8%


Calorie Content ME (Calculated)
4,070 kcal/kg 8 kcal/treat*

*based on an average treat size of 2 grams



Dry-Roasted Duck & Orange Strips



- Duck, Oranges, Lemon juice


Guaranteed Analysis:


Crude Protein (min) 50%
Crude Fat (min) 8% 11%
Crude Fiber (min) 4%
Moisture (max)  7%


Calorie Content ME (Calculated)
3,478 kcal/kg 7 kcal/treat*

*based on an average treat size of 2 grams

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