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pawTree F.A.Q.

  • Paw Club

    How do I join the Paw Club?

    Simply set up and maintain an EZ Ship and automatically you will be a member of the Paw Club and start receiving all of the Paw Club benefits. It's easy!

    What happens if I cancel my EZ Ship?

    You will not be considered as a member of the Paw Club until you place another EZ Ship order. Your existing Paw Point balance at the time of cancellation will also be forfeited.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes. However we encourage you to stay on your EZ Ship for at least 3 cycles to give your pet the full benefit of our nutrition plan.

    Do my Paw Points expire?

    Your Paw Points will not expire as long as you remain an active Paw Club member. If your Paw Club EZ Ship is cancelled or doesn't ship at least every 120 days, you are no longer considered a Paw Club member and any unused points will be forfeited. You can reinstate as a Paw Club member simply by setting up another EZ Ship order but your points are not reinstated.

    How can I track my Paw Points?

    As a Paw Club member, when you log into the website you can view your Paw Point balance.

    Why is the Paw Point value for business supplies and pro shop items in the back office not the same as the point value for consumer items?

    In order to help our petPros afford the business supplies and pro shop items, we have not marked up these items for retail sales or commissionable sales. Since they are not marked up to sell, it means we can't offer the same point value for redemption.

    Do I have to pay a fee to be in the Paw Club?

    There is no fee to join, you are considered an active member and will receive all of the benefits as long as you have an active EZ Ship.

    How long does my membership last?

    You will be considered an active member as long as you have an active EZ Ship.

    Do I receive discounted shipping on all orders?

    Yes, you will receive discounted shipping on all orders.

    How do I qualify for free shipping?

    Free shipping is a benefit available to all Paw Club members as long as they have 3 or more Qualifying Items in their EZ Ship order (beds and bowls are not eligible for free shipping). Qualifying Items include anything except dog food or cat food (wet or dry). Free Shipping Excludes Alaska, Hawaii and pawPoint Redemption orders.

    Do I have to be a petPro to be in the Paw Club?

    Nope. Both Customers and petPros are eligible to be Paw Club members.

    What items can I use my Paw Points to purchase?

    For every 100 Paw Points earned, you receive a $10 credit to apply toward beds, blankets, bowls, collars, and toys. In addition, petPros can use Paw Points to buy items in the Pro Shop. (point redemption value is less for Pro Shop items.)

  • Join Us as a petPro

    How do I become a petPro?

    Sign up here

    What does it mean to be a petPro?

    You get to make a difference in the lives of pets and people. You get to share your passion for pets and get paid for it. Check it out.

    Do I need to be a pet health and nutrition expert to become a petPro?

    Not at all. Fortunately you have a wealth of resources available at your fingertips to help you. We want it to be easy for you to do and replicate, but informative and worthwhile for the pet parents you reach. Can you say win win? Learn more here.

    How much does it cost to become a petPro?

    You can join for as little as $99.99. Click Here to see all of our starter kit options!

    How old do you have to be to become a petPro?

    A person must be 18 years or older to sign up as a petPro. However, if you know of someone who is younger than 18 years of age and wants to be a petPro, an adult can sign up as a petPro and the person younger than 18 can help the adult work the business together.

    Are 501(c)(3)s (Non Profit Organizations) allowed to enroll as a petPro?

    Absolutely! There are lots of reasons a non-profit organization might want to sign up as a petPro for their own fundraising purposes. They follow the same policies and procedures and receive a 1099, just like any other petPro. It is incumbent on the non-profit organization to properly classify the income on their tax returns. One thing the 501(c)(3)s must clearly understand however, is that when they are pursuing sales utilizing their charitable mission as a sales pitch, they are doing so on behalf of their entity and NOT on behalf of pawTree. They must be clear that pawTree is a for-profit entity and is not part of their charitable effort. It is incumbent on the 501(c)(3) to comply with the charitable solicitation and professional fundraiser laws in the states in which they are doing business.

  • Pet Profile

    Am I required to fill out a pet profile to purchase a bag of dog food?

    No, but because our customized nutrition plans are based on the needs and circumstances of your unique pet, the best way to know what food to try is to fill out a pet profile and let our experts do all the work.

    How often should I update my pet's profile?

    Feel free to update your pet's profile or complete a new profile any time you notice a change in your pet, or at least once a year to make sure your pet is receiving the optimal nutrition plan for his or her needs.

    What if my pet's condition changes and I think it might be time to try a different food or nutrition plan?

    Congrats, you're on top of it! You can always fill out another profile at any time and see how our recommendation might change; however, just make sure you cancel your current EZ Ship before starting a new one so you don't end up with two! You can also email for customer service and they can make the switch for you.

  • EZ Ship

    What if I have too much or too little pet food or other EZ Ship items?

    Simply go online and modify your future order to speed up or slow down your EZ Ship cycle. You have complete control over the frequency of your deliveries-you can set up the EZ Ship cycle between 20-120 days. Find the right cycle that's right for you and your pet. Your nutrition plan is customized, why should you expect any less from your EZ Ship?!

    What if one item in my EZ Ship package is lasting longer than the others and I have too much of that one item?

    Simply go online and skip that item on your next order. After it gets skipped, it automatically gets added back on your next EZ Ship cycle so you won't miss a beat.

    How long does my order take to process and ship?

    It typically takes 1-2 business days to process your order and then it will take approximately 5-7 days for the item to get to your place of residence, depending on where you live in the US.

    What if I no longer want one of the items in my EZ Ship package, but I want to continue the other items or even add something else?

    Simply go online and delete that item from your EZ Ship package, and add any other item you'd like to include. It's simple!

    I want to deactivate my EZ Ship order, how do I do that?

    You can do it yourself online if you've had at least three orders. Or you can contact the home office at or give us a call at 855-697-2987 at any time if you need help or need to cancel.

  • Switching Foods

    Do you offer samples of your dog food so I can try it first to make sure my dog likes it?

    Not exactly, but we do something even better. We don't have a traditional small sample pack for two reasons. First, with our customized approach to nutrition, we need you to complete a pet profile first so we know which of our amazing pawTree recipes to send you. And second, all new dog food should be introduced over about 5-7 days to help avoid digestive upset and then continued for a few weeks to see results. A small sample generally isn't enough to accomplish this. So we do something even better. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so that you can try the food and the entire nutrition plan recommendation without any risk, because if you or your pet are unhappy or not satisfied for any reason, we will simply refund your money. How's that for a "free sample?"

    How long does it take to switch my pet from his existing food?

    Changes to your pet's diet should be made gradually. We recommend taking about 7 days to mix increasing amounts of the pawTree recipe in with decreasing amounts of the old brand to reduce the chances that your pet will develop an upset stomach or refuse to eat.

    I like to feed my dog or cat food as a treat over their kibble; do you have any suggestions?

    For cats we have some wonderful and delicious canned food options to choose from. They will thank you for it! For dogs and cats we've found that people also like to treat their pets with our freeze-dried or dry-roasted pawTreats® as a replacement topper for canned food, as they're a delicious, healthy alternative that are high in protein and less messy. You can break some up into small pieces and add them to your pet's dry food, or you can break them up and add water to moisten and reconstitute them and add them to your pet's dry food. Also try sprinkling some of our pawPairings Superfood Seasoning on top of your pet's kibble-it's delicious and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for added nutrition. Pets love it!

    Can the Dental Sticks be broken up and put over the top of food (kibble or canned)?

    It's difficult for pet parents to care for their older dogs' teeth, but still VERY important. Often older dogs have difficulty chewing anything hard. Our Dental Sticks are still a good alternative for these dogs. We recommend the pet parent break them up into much smaller pieces, or even crush them into a fine powder and sprinkle it on our food. All that matters is that their dog gets the active ingredients on their teeth-in whatever way possible. They will still have the same effect in cleaning their teeth.

    My pet is a very picky eater, do you have any suggestions to help my pet transition and enjoy the pawTree kibble?

    Try crumbling some pawTreats over the top of the food, or try adding a bit of water to the pawTreats to rehydrate them and make a 'gravy' out of it. Also, adding the pawPairings Superfood Seasoning will add additional flavor, and variety as well as added antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil will of course add a fishy flavor to the food that many pets go crazy over. Also, to really see a difference on pawTree food, we recommend at least 3 full cycles. Just like humans, eating real, healthy, good food does not show on the outside immediately. You can certainly feel it on the inside, but our pets are unable to tell us that.

    Your site says your food is "formulated for reduced stool volume"-what does that mean?

    'Formulated for reduced stool volume' means that we use quality, highly-digestible ingredients that your pet is able to better utilize in their body, resulting in less stool.

    How many cups of pet food are in a bag?

    The number of cups per bag varies based on the recipe and the density of the kibble; however, the range for the majority of our dog food recipes is 35 - 40 cups per 10.3 lb. bag (our smallest size). The range for the majority of our cat food recipes is 16.75 - 18.75 cups per 5 lb. bag (our smallest size). Keep in mind that our food is nutritionally dense, so we find that most pets actually need to eat less of our food, compared to other pet foods, to get the quality nutrition they require. So you may find that our food lasts longer!

    What if my pet doesn't like the new pawTree food?

    Give it a chance! We find most pets immediately love our nutritious and high-quality pet food and can taste the goodness in every bite; however, other pets take a little more time to become familiar with this high-quality food. Be patient, and don't be concerned if your pet doesn't eat as much initially. This may be for one of several reasons...

    • Just like humans, some pets need time to learn to enjoy "eating healthy"
    • With a high-quality diet like pawTree, most pets will actually eat less (and poop less)
    • Your pet will not starve, when they're hungry they'll eat!

    Have a finicky eater? Be patient. Try adding some pawPairings Superfood Seasoning, breaking up a pawTreat, or adding a few pumps of pawTree's Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil into their food

    Also, some pets simply have a taste preference for one protein source over another (for example they might enjoy turkey better than duck, or the opposite). Before canceling your order, let our Home Office professionals work with you and our veterinarian recommendations to find another appropriate food recipe your pet can try. Email us at and let us help.

  • Shipping

    What are the shipping rates?

    See Policy

    How long does it take me to receive an order?

    See Policy

    How do I qualify for free shipping?

    Free shipping is a benefit available to all Paw Club members as long as they have 3 or more Qualifying Items in their EZ Ship order (beds and bowls are not eligible for free shipping). Qualifying Items include anything except dog food or cat food (wet or dry).

    Why isn't pet food considered one of the three qualifying items for free shipping?

    We wish we could afford to offer free shipping on every pawTree shipment, but as you probably know, the cost of shipping pet food is very expensive because it is very heavy and dense. When we ship other products that are smaller and lighter weight in the same box along with the pet food it helps defray the cost of shipping the food and allows us to offer free shipping on the entire order, that includes free shipping on the food. The good news is that shipping a few additional items along with the food is also in the best interest of the pet. A pet will do fabulous on our food alone, but the results will be even better if they use our pet food along with some pawTreats, supplements, and/or pawPairings. So there you have it! It truly is a win win!

  • 100% Satisfaction

    What if I don't like the products?

    Simply return it for a full refund. See Policy

    What if my pet doesn't like the products?

    Simply return it for a full refund. See Policy

    Do you want me to be satisfied?

    Yes. Always!

  • Customized Nutrition

    How do you decide which pet food recipe and other nutrition products are right for my pet?

    We have developed a complex algorithm, drawing on the expertise of our veterinarian advisory council and our Ph.D. in animal science and pet nutrition, to ensure your pet gets the healthy and nutritious diet they deserve.

    Are your products natural?

    Yes, all of our health products are natural and holistic.

    Is pawTree food "organic?"

    With all of our nutrition products, we focus on the best nutrition for our pets. When possible we use organic ingredients when cost effective and readily available. However our products are not labeled as "organic."

    What is the difference between Natural and Organic?

    All of pawTree's nutrition and health products are 'Natural’. This means that they do not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives (as defined by AAFCO - Association of American Feed Control Officials). Organic is a term that is clearly defined by the USDA for various categories, though the pet food definition has not yet been defined. It states that the ingredients (organic meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and plant foods) come from farms that don’t use pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. In addition, a government-approved certifier must inspect the farm to ensure these standards are met.

    Why is one particular protein source recommended vs. another? For example, Duck vs. Chicken? Or Salmon vs. Turkey?

    The protein source is just one component of the recipe that's recommended for your pet. Your pet's age, weight, size, energy level, other health issues, etc. are all considered before recommending one of our recipes. So the protein source is not the deciding factor on which recipe is "right" for your pet, it's the full combination of ingredients, fat, protein, fiber, calories, etc. that determines the recommendation.

    Why choose Grain-Free?

    The benefits of a grain-free diet include:

    • Higher protein provides a better source of energy and nutrition
    • Easier to break-down and digest
    • More food is utilized resulting is less waste
    • May reduce food allergies/intolerances

    When possible, we recommend feeding a grain-free diet to your pets, but sometimes budget constraints or particular situations require other alternatives, so we also have some pet food recipes with "healthy grains." All of our recipes live up to our pawTree Promise, and none of our recipes contain any corn, wheat, soy or any poultry by-products. All of our products use high-quality ingredients and deliver amazing results. Fill out a pet profile and see what we recommend for your pet!

    What is 'meal?'

    Meal is simply meat that has been dried, some fat has been removed, all water has been removed and it has been ground. Consistent with all manufacturers of dog food, we use 'meal' as well as meat, poultry or fish in our recipes to ensure the right consistency of our kibble.

    Are any of the pawTree fish ingredients preserved with ethoxyquin before or after you buy it?

    Absolutely not. We do not use any artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin.

    Why do you use canola oil in some of your recipes?

    Canola oil is a very good fat source, and the one we choose to use in our poultry free recipes, rather than chicken fat.

    How many calories are there in a cup of pawTree® dog food?

    1. The kcals/ 8 oz. cup for the pawTree grain-free dog food recipes range from 420 kcals/8 oz. cup - 515 kcals/8 oz. cup.
    2. The kcals/ 8 oz. cup for the recipes with healthy grains range from 440 kcals/ 8 oz. cup from 470 kcals/ 8 oz. cup.
    PawTree Recipe
    DOG FOOD (with Healthy Grains):
    Food Calories Per Cup (calculated)
    Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe 455
    Real Whitefish & Brown Rice Recipe 445
    Real Trout & Barley Recipe 440
    Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe 470
    Real Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe 460

    DOG FOOD (Grain Free):
    Food Calories Per Cup (calculated)
    Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe 515
    Real Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe 480
    Real Lamb, Chickpeas & Lentils Recipe 465
    Real Salmon, Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe 460
    Real Trout, Sweet Peas & Lentils Recipe 440
    Real Turkey & Garbanzo Beans Recipe 440
    Real Duck & Chickpeas Recipe 420

    How many calories are there in a cup of pawTree cat food?

    1. The kcals/ 8 oz. cup for the pawTree dry cat food recipes range from 470 kcals/8 oz. cup - 520 kcals/8 oz. cup.
    2. The kcals/ 5.5 oz. can of cat food pate? or morsels in gravy range from 140 kcals/ 5.5 oz. can to 195 kcals/ 5.5 oz. can.
    CAT FOOD (Dry)(Grain Free):
    Food Calories Per Cup (calculated)
    Real Chicken Recipe 500
    Real Chicken & Potato Recipe 480
    Real Salmon & Potato Recipe 470

    CAT FOOD (Dry)(with Healthy Grains):
    Food Calories Per Cup (calculated)
    Real Whitefish & Brown Rice Recipe 520
    Real Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe 520
    Real Trout & Brown Rice Recipe 470
    Real Turkey & Barley Recipe 510

    CANNED CAT FOOD 5.5 oz. CAN (Grain Free):
    Food kcals per can
    Real Chicken & Turkey Entrée 191
    Real Salmon & Oceanfish Entrée 195
    Real Lamb & Turkey Entrée 195

    Morsels in Gravy 5.5 oz. CAN (Grain Free):
    Food kcals per can
    Real Turkey & Chicken Entrée 146
    Real Whitefish, Salmon & Herring Entrée 140
    Real Lamb & Turkey Entrée 159

    Recipes most recommended for overweight or older pets have 10%+ fewer calories than our other recipes. As you know, the actual amount the pet parent feeds is also very important in addition to calorie count.

    What is the carbohydrate level in each of the pawTree dog food recipes?

    Dog Food (Grain Free):
    Food Carbohydrate %
    Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe 35.6%
    Real Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe 35.6%
    Real Salmon, Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe 41%
    Real Lamb, Sweet Peas & Lentils Recipe (Poultry Free) 41%
    Real Turkey and Garbanzo Beans Recipe 49%
    Real Duck & Chickpeas Recipe 49%
    Real Trout, Sweet Peas & Lentils Recipe (Poultry Free) 49%

    Dog Food with Healthy Grains:
    Food Carbohydrate %
    Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe 40.9%
    Real Whitefish & Brown Rice Recipe (Poultry Free) 51.1%
    Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe 51.1%
    Real Lamb, Sweet Peas & Lentils Recipe (Poultry Free) 55.6%
    Real Trout & Barley Recipe (Poultry Free) 55.6%

    What is the carbohydrate level in each of the pawTree cat food recipes?

    Cat Food (Grain Free):
    Food Carbohydrate %
    Real Chicken Recipe 26.2%
    Real Chicken & Potato Recipe (Fish Free) 31.9%
    Real Salmon & Potato Recipe 31.9%

    Cat Food with Healthy Grains:
    Food Carbohydrate %
    Real Whitefish & Brown Rice Recipe 32.9%
    Real Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe (Fish Free) 32.9%
    Real Trout & Brown Rice Recipe 38.6%
    Real Turkey & Barley Recipe (Fish Free) 38.6%

    What is the sodium content of your canned cat food?

    The sodium content of our canned cat food ranges from 0.12% - 0.29% based on variety.

    What is Gluten? How do I know if my pet is gluten intolerant, and is pawTree® pet food gluten free?

    Gluten is simply the word that describes the protein portion of a carbohydrate. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye), but not in rice, potatoes and some other carbohydrate sources. Most pets tolerate gluten and have no adverse effects from having it in their diet. However, some pets, like some people, cannot tolerate gluten. Pets that are sensitive to gluten develop a chronic small intestinal inflammatory disease if they eat it. They have intermittent or persistent diarrhea, lose weight, develop a poor coat, lose body condition and in general, fail to thrive. Gluten intolerance can affect any breed but is particularly well-documented in these certain dog breads - Irish Setters, Samoyeds, and Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers. Pet Parents usually see signs of this condition by the time a dog reaches 6 or 7 months of age. All pawTree® dog and cat food is formulated with gluten-free ingredients. However, we do not make the claim 'gluten free' because there is a new ruling with the FDA that any human food claiming to be gluten free must be produced in a gluten-free facility and undergo constant testing with a new limit of 20 mg gluten/kg.

    Does pawTree have just one formula and they swap the flavor of the food? Is that what 'formulated' means?

    No, our recipes are formulated to meet the different needs of pets, based on the information provided in their pet profiles.

    How many different possible recommendations are there?

    We have over 1,000 different combinations of recommendations for our customized nutrition plans, which include food, supplements and treats. We've gone to great care to be sure to get the right plan that is recommended for your pet.

    Do you have any food without potatoes or sweet potatoes? My pet has a starch sensitivity and cannot eat potatoes.

    All of our recipes do contain sweet potatoes at various levels, some with as little as 3%. However, if your pet cannot have any potatoes, we would suggest trying some of our supplements and high protein pawTreats, many of which do not contain potatoes or sweet potatoes.

    My dog has had high copper toxicity levels in the past, how high is the copper level in the pawTree food?

    The level of copper in our diets is in the 25-30 mg/kg range. Our Advisory Council recommends you consult with your Veterinarian for the most appropriate diet (and copper levels) for your dog as these levels may be too high for a dog with any type of inherited copper storage disease. If our recipes will not work for her, perhaps you would consider some of our supplements or our incredibly tasty and healthy natural treats as part of your dog's nutrition plan.

    Does pawTree use any animal by-products?

    pawTree products don't contain any poultry, fish, or meat by-products or by-product meal.

    How can I learn about specific products, including ingredient statements and/or guaranteed analysis?

    Visit the product facts page after clicking on the item of choice to view this information. Click here to view our products.

    What is your commitment to quality?

    see pawTree promise

    What are the calories and carbohydrates for the supplements?

    Allergy Support Plus: 3600 kcal/kg or 7 kcals/chew based on the small 2 g chews and 22 kcals/chew based on the large 6 g chews, and 60 carbs.
    Bladder Support Plus: 3400 kcal/kg or 7 kcals/chew based on the 2 g chews, and 63 carbs.
    Joint Support Plus: 3600 kcal/kg or 7 kcal/chew based on the small dog chew and small cat chew (2 g chews), and 22 kcals/chew based on the large dog 6 g chews, and 60 carbs.
    Brain Support Plus: 3700 kcals/kg or 15 kcals/chew based on the small 4 g chews and 22 kcals/chew based on the large 6 g chews, and 52 carbs.
    Hairball Support Plus: 4700 kcals/kg or 14.1 kcals/2 chews, and 55 carbs.

  • PawPairing Superfood Seasoning

    I received my pawPairings and the bottle looks like it’s underfilled.

    All of the pawPairings varieties meet and exceed the net weight listed on the bottle. What’s happening is that the product is “settling” in the bottle during shipping. This has to do with the product density and the powder being so fine. This is common with spices and products like this. If you were to turn the bottle over and/or shake it, it will “fill up” again.

    Can you give your pet too much of the pawPairings?

    We do have general feeding guidelines on the bottles which read, feed ½ level teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight. However, you can be more generous if you’d like, there’s nothing in it that will harm your pets.

    What makes the pawTree pawPairings so amazing and unique?

    There's really no comparison. It's a combination of our proprietary recipes, Trade Secrets, and impeccable sourcing and quality of ingredients. Let us explain. Our seasonings are not just a "taste good" seasoning to trick our pets into eating their kibble. Every ingredient in our pawPairings is hand selected with purpose. Our pawPairings are created with love, care, and concern for our pets. Not all ingredients are created equal. Let's take meat for instance, you can purchase a high-quality filet mignon or low quality ground chuck--both are "beef" but their quality is worlds apart. Every ingredient in our pawPairings passes our top-shelf standards and rigorous quality requirements. We combine human-grade meat with the right human-grade superfood sources and a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that together is optimized in the right ratios to provide the highest-quality impact for overall pet health. Our products are not only delicious but also deliver nutrition to our pets that they will "feel" and pet parents will "see." That's the difference with pawTree nutrition vs. others -- pawTree quite literally makes a difference in both pets and people's lives.

    The pawPairings Mexican Blend contains black beans, are they healthy for dogs and cats?

    Yes, beans are very healthy for both dogs and cats. Black beans, in particular, are a rich source of protein and provide other nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, B-vitamins, Potassium as well as other minerals.

    Some of the pawPairings contain cheese. Is it o.k. to give my dog and cat cheese?

    Yes, cheese in moderation is fine for pets, unless the pet is lactose intolerant. In fact many veterinarians utilize cheese to "pill" pets, since it's so tasty. All dairy foods, including cheese, provide calcium and protein, as well as some important vitamins and minerals A, B12, Riboflavin (B2), Zinc and Phosphorus.

  • Joint Support Plus

    Does pawTree use HCL or glucosamine sulfate in the Joint Support Plus formula and why did you choose that form?

    We use Glucosamine HCI (Shellfish). Glucosamine hydrochloride (HCl) and glucosamine sulfate both work equally well in dogs. The sulfate form was originally used in Europe. The HCl form has become more popular because it is purer and provides more available glucosamine per unit weight and contains much less residual ash.

    I have two dogs, one large and one small, both of whom are recommended Joint Support Plus. Can I buy one size to feed them both, or do I need to buy them each their own jar?

    If you only want to buy one size of Joint Support Plus, then you should feed the small ones to both dogs. The small dog should be fed according to the feeding directions on the package. As for the large dog, three of the small-sized chews are equal to one of the large-sized chews. So if your large dog should consume two large chews per day, that would be equal to six small chews (don't worry, our chews are delicious, dogs love them). These six small chews can be given three at a time, twice daily. We don't recommend breaking up the large chews for the small dogs because the ingredients may not be equally dispersed throughout the chew, therefore you might be giving your dog too much glucosamine at one time. Too much Glucosamine can be harsh on the stomach, so you want to make sure you are giving the correct dosage.

  • Dental Sticks

    How often should I give my dog Dental Sticks?

    We recently made a change to the feeding guidelines on our Dental Sticks to feed them once a day, as we want this to be thought of more as a supplement and not fed as often as a normal treat. However, it's also fine to feed them after each mealtime.

    What is the calorie count for Dental Sticks?

    The calorie count for the small Dental Sticks is 21 kcals/treat, average treat size is 5.9 grams. The calorie count for the large Dental Sticks is 34 kcals/treat, average treat size is 9 grams.

    How many Dental Sticks are in a bag?

    There are approximately 30 - 32 Dental Sticks per bag. However each bag is filled by weight so the stick count may vary.

  • pawTreats

    The treats I got this time look like they are a different color even though they are the same variety - is there an issue?

    Real food has variations (including color), and pawTreats are made from ‘real food.’ Think about it, not all red apples are the same color red. However some foods, like Gummy Bears for example, are always the same color red. This is possible with highly processed food, but not with ‘real food.’

    Are the pawTreats o.k. for cats?

    The answer is yes. Cats will love them! Cats are obligate carnivores and thrive on a diet rich in protein. Our pawTreats (the meat varieties only, not the Dental Sticks) are high in protein and are absolutely delicious!

  • Gastro Pro plus

    I have a small dog or cat, and the dose is ½ a capsule, what do I do?

    When the dose is ½ a capsule, you need to carefully pull the capsule apart and sprinkle half of the powder on your pet's food (it's a delicious cinnamon flavor-pet's love it!). Then put the capsule back together to save the rest of the powder for the next feeding. Be sure to refrigerate the opened capsule until your next use if possible. Note that the capsules come sealed in foil, once you remove the capsule, any unused contents need to be refrigerated to keep the ingredients fresh and active.

    If your dose is a full capsule, you can either pill your pet with the whole capsule, or choose to pull the capsule apart and sprinkle the contents on their food.

    Can I use Gastro Pro Plus with my nursing dogs?

    Yes, Gastro Pro Plus is safe to use with dogs who are nursing.

    How old do my pets need to be to use Gastro Pro Plus?

    Gastro Pro Plus is safe to use with puppies and kittens once they’re weened at 6 – 8 weeks old.

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

    How much EPA & DHA are in the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil?

    The amount of EPA and DHA in one pump of the pawTree Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil depends on the size of the bottle. Below is the amount of EPA and DHA per pump for both our 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes:

    8 oz. Salmon Oil: 205 mg DHA/pump, and 185 mg EPA/pump (each pump is approx.. 2.0 ml).

    16 oz. Salmon Oil: 355 mg DHA/pump, and 320 mg EPA/pump (each pump is approx.. 3.5 ml).

    DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)* (min) 11.0%

    EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)* (min) 10.0%

    So a 20 lb. pet would use 1-2 pumps of the 8 oz. bottle (one pump stroke equals approx. 0.07 fl. oz./2.0 mL), or 1 pump of the 16 oz. bottle (one pump stroke equals approx. 0.12 fl. oz./3.5mL).

    Is your Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil cold pressed?

    No, that is not a normal process for fish oil. Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is briefly heated to about 190 degrees in order to release the oil from the meat. The total heat exposure lasts about 5 minutes, after which the extracted, clean oil is rapidly cooled to ambient temperature. This brief heating process also acts as a form of pasteurization which ensures the stability of the oil.

    Is the salmon oil o.k. for cats?

    Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, is a great supplement for cats as well, as it delivers the right Omega-3 fatty acids, known as EPA and DHA, that are readily accessible for a cat's metabolism (much more beneficial than those from plant sources).

  • Skin Support Plus

    My pets have been so itchy lately, can you help with that?

    We never like our pets to be uncomfortable. Sometimes this itchiness is due to environmental allergies rather than food. When things are blowing around outside-you'll find lots of pets scratching! Our Skin Support Plus, a soothing blend of tea tree oil, aloe vera and chamomile may ease the discomfort of these environmental allergies. Unfortunately, pet food can't help with a seasonal allergy condition.

    Is tea tree oil safe for dogs?

    Pet health is our #1 concern. Our Skin Support Plus was developed by a veterinarian who specializes in dermatology. Quality is key-quality in the ingredients and the formulation. We use a high quality, pure form of tea tree oil in our product. This is a top-selling product and is very beneficial to the skin.

    How old should my dog be to use the Skin Support Plus spray?

    Our Skin Support Plus spray is safe to use on puppies 12 weeks or older.

  • Flea and Tick Spray

    How often should I apply the Flea & Tick Spray?

    It's always good to protect your pet at least once a month. If your pet spends time outdoors, at dog parks, or in areas known to have a high concentration of fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes, you will want to spray him regularly (even daily if necessary). For best results, remember to treat your pet's bedding or other areas in the house.

    What is the ingredient SLS in your Flea & Tick Spray?

    The ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), used in our Flea & Tick Spray, is a natural surfactant commonly used as a cleaning agent in consumer products spanning household cleaners to personal care, including most shampoos. Per the EPA, it employs a non-toxic mode of action in controlling fleas & ticks on household pets. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers SLS "Generally Recognized as Safe" or GRAS.

    Can I use the Flea & Tick Spray on my cat, as I own several cats and the Flea & Tick Spray contains peppermint oil, which can be toxic to cats?

    Yes, there is no problem using our Flea & Tick Spray with cats. There is less than 1% of peppermint oil in this product. As with all products, use good judgment and use in moderation.

    Why do you use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in your Flea & Tick Spray?

    We use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) to help keep the oils in the solution from separating. The SLS used in our Flea & Tick Spray is plant based though, as opposed to the typical petroleum based ingredient.

  • Ear Wash and Dry

    What does Ear Wash/Ear Dry do?

    Ear Wash & Ear Dry were developed to remove waxy buildup and dry the ears, to end itching, odors and redness. Pets with itchy, swollen, or stinky ears, or pets with any other condition caused by excessive ear moisture or waxy buildup will benefit from this dynamic duo.

    How do Ear Wash and Ear Dry work?

    First clean your pet's ears with our Ear Wash to clean out any wax or debris. Use a cotton ball or towel to clean out any wax from their ears, and then apply the Ear Dry as directed on the label. When first applied, the Ear Dry is in liquid form but quickly turns into an absorbent powder to help balance inner ear pH and keep your pet's ears dry. It will stay in the ear until you clean it again. It's ideal to leave it in the ear to keep the moisture out. The amount that remains in your pet's ear varies by the amount you apply. Repeat daily as needed. Also use before and after bathing or swimming.

    Is Ear Wash and Dry safe for cats?

    Yes, both the Ear Wash and Ear Dry are safe to use in cats. Though both contain Tea Tree Oil, the percentage of Tea Tree Oil used in these products is at a very safe level. In addition, the powerful oil is carefully combined with other safe synergistic ingredients to assure gentle, soothing relief of ear problems in both cats and dogs. The Ear Wash and Dry are both liquids so cats are safe from developing any respiratory problems that would be related to inhaling any of the essential oils. In addition, the liquids are used inside the ear canal so cats cannot ingest the Tea Tree Oil.

  • Potty & Training

    Why do I need to pick up my dog's poop?

    In many areas, it is required by law to pick up your dog's poop. Regardless, it is not a good idea to leave dog poop on your lawn in the dog park or on the ground. Dog poop is not a good fertilizer and can often times burn grass. It can also get flushed into a storm drain during rainstorms and contaminate waterways. Dog poop contains bacteria that may pose health risks to both your family and pets, so it needs to be properly disposed of.

    How should I properly dispose of my pet's waste?

    The EPA recommends that pet waste should be properly disposed of in your household trash.

    Are pawTree poop bags biodegradable?

    Our poop bags are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and are not 'biodegradable' based on the FTC's definition, 'the product won't completely break down into its natural components within one year after customary disposal.' In addition, pet waste is generally not safe to compost at home, and very few compost facilities accept this waste due to the bacteria that's present in the fecal material.

    Why are pawTree poop bags better?

    pawTree poop bags are the RIGHT bag thickness, so you don't 'feel' as much; the RIGHT size, our extra-long bags are perfect for both small and large hands and small and large poop, with room to spare to tie off the bag; and they have a double seal construction, so they are durable and leak-proof.

    Are Urine Eliminator™ and Oxy Shot™ 'all natural?'

    Both Urine Eliminator™ and Oxy Shot™ contain natural ingredients, as well as ingredients that are 'naturally derived' (i.e. surfactants are plant-based). However, they are not 'all natural' as some ingredients, like peroxide, are not natural ingredients.

    What's the difference between pawTree Urine Eliminator™ and Oxy Shot™?

    pawTree Urine Eliminator is most effective on pet urine stains, and Oxy Shot is most effective on other organic stains such as: feces, diarrhea, vomit, blood, grass, dirt, 'pet sweat', wine and coffee. The combination of the two will tackle any stain or odor you might encounter. Our general rule of thumb is if urine is involved, use the Urine Eliminator.

    How does pawTree Urine Eliminator™ work?

    pawTree Urine Eliminator uses both a special enzymatic technology to break down urine proteins, as well as a unique bacteria blend to neutralize tough odors. It penetrates carpet fibers and padding and cleans all the way down to the subfloor, permanently removing urine stains and odor instead of just masking it. It helps prevent pets from re-marking the spot and is effective on both old and new stains.

    What is used to fragrance Urine Eliminator™? Is it safe to use around birds?

    We use a mild proprietary fragrance blend in our Urine Eliminator™. As birds are known to have respiratory sensitivities, it is always best to remove the bird from the area while spraying and not return the bird until the area is dry. Please note that even spray without fragrance can affect some birds. Even just the mist from water and changes in humidity and drafts can affect some birds.

    How does pawTree Oxy Shot™ work?

    pawTree Oxy Shot™ is a powerful oxy formula that penetrates deep and fast to remove stains and related odor. It eliminates the toughest household stains like: feces, diarrhea, vomit, blood, grass, dirt, 'pet sweat', wine and coffee. It helps prevent repeat marking and is effective on both old and new stains.

    I sometimes get 'white stuff' on my hand after using Oxy Shot™, what should I do?

    This is common with 'oxy' products. Oxy Shot™ contains mild oxidizers (hydrogen peroxide) which can cause this reaction with skin contact. It is harmless and will go away, just wash your hands as soon as you're finished using the product, or use gloves.

    Who needs pawTree Quilted Dog Pads?

    Our Quilted Dog Pads are a full-time solution for pet owners with puppies, older incontinent dogs, dogs home alone all day (no doggy door or petsitter), and dogs who live in apartments. They are the perfect solution to ensure you don't come home to an 'accident.'

    What is the attractant in the Quilted Dog Pads?

    The attractant is a synthetic pheromone that elicits instinctive elimination behaviors in your dog, enticing him to 'do his business' in that spot. When a dog goes to the bathroom, he doesn't just leave behind a wet spot and odor, he also leaves behind pheromones. These are the hormonal chemicals that dogs use to identify one another. Territorial marking leaves both a unique smell and these pheromones. When your dog detects another dog's pheromones, he may want to 'do his business' there. Dogs like to go to the bathroom where other dogs have already gone, so if your dog detects pheromones in the dog pad, he will be more interested in 'doing his business' there.

    Why do pawTree Quilted Dog Pads™ work so well at holding liquid and not leaking?

    Our Quilted Dog Pads are super absorbent with a special 'quick dry' technology with odor control properties. They work so well because of their 5-layer construction, including a leak-proof backing to protect your floor, 3 quilted layers of super absorbent polymer (the stuff used in baby diapers) with added attractant, and a top layer that wicks fluid quickly into the pad to help keep paws clean and prevent tracking.

    My dog has never used a dog pad, how do I get him to use it?

    It's easy to get your dog to use our Quilted Dog Pads. Just take your dog over to the pad when they show signs of having to 'go' (the attractant will help the process). Once they 'go,' reward them with a pawTreat for going on the pad. It's that easy!

  • Cats

    Are the pawTreats and salmon oil o.k. for cats?

    The answer for these particular products is yes. Cats will love both of these items! Cats are obligate carnivores and thrive on a diet rich in protein. Our pawTreats (the meat varieties only, not the Dental Sticks) are high in protein and are absolutely delicious! As for the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, that is a great supplement for cats as well, as it delivers the right Omega-3 fatty acids, known as EPA and DHA, that are readily accessible for a cat's metabolism (much more beneficial than those from plant sources).

    Which of your nutrition products and supplements are okay to use with cats?

    Cats will LOVE all of our pawTreats® (the meat varieties only, not the Dental Sticks) as they are high in protein and they find them absolutely delicious! Cats can also benefit from these supplements: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Gastro Pro Plus, Superfood, Skin Support Spray, Flea & Tick Spray and Ear Wash & Ear Dry. The only supplement that cats cannot use is our Joint Support Plus because it contains the herb Corydalis which is not good for cats.

    How are the toys with the catnip constructed?

    The fabric toys contain the catnip, and it is loosely contained in the fiber fill.

  • Toys

    Is there any latex in our chew toys?

    All of our chew toys are "latex free"