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Quilted Dog Pads

Item: 2340


25 Count

Sometimes you can’t always be there – that’s why you can depend on pawTree® Quilted Dog Pads™ - the full-time solution for pet owners with puppies; older, incontinent dogs; dogs home alone all day; or dogs in apartments. When they need to ‘go’, we’ve got the perfect solution. 


Key Benefits: 

  • Super absorbent quilted pads
  • 5-layer construction includes:
    • Leak proof backing to protect your floor
    • 3 quilted layers of super absorbent polymer (the stuff in baby diapers) with added attractant
    • Quick-drying top layer wicks fluid quickly into the pad so it’s dry to the touch and helps prevent tracking
  • Special attractant helps your dog know where to ‘go’!
  • Controls odors
  • Ideal for house-training; unattended indoor pets; lining crates or carriers; senior, incontinent or ailing pets
  • Pad size: 21" x 21"


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