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Our Shipping Promise

Free shipping is a benefit available to all Paw Club members as long as they have 3 or more Qualifying Items in their EZ Ship order (beds and bowls are not eligible for free shipping). Qualifying Items include anything except dog food or cat food (wet or dry). Free shipping excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

In order to deliver on our promise of exceptional personal service and ensure prompt delivery of your order chock full of unconditional love, we make every effort to process all in-stock items within 1-2 business days. Most of our healthy nutritional products will be in stock and ship within 2 business days. Some of our fashionable show and décor products take slightly longer to make sure you receive the right size and right color for your wonderful pet. During this "processing" time our warehouse is busy picking, packing and readying your order to be shipped by one of our carriers. Once our carrier picks up your order, they make every attempt to deliver it within 4-5 business days after it ships from our warehouse.

We do everything we can to negotiate good rates with carriers and keep the shipping costs down, but there is certainly some cost involved in order to deliver products conveniently to your door. The way you can help us keep your costs low are to bundle your purchases so that all of your items get shipped in the same box at the same time when possible.

Our shipping rates are based on the total retail price of your purchase, according to the table below (excluding Hawaii and Alaska):

Shipping Cost

From To Charge
$0.00 $14.99 $3.95
$15.00 $19.99 $5.95
$20.00 $28.99 $6.95
$29.00 $34.99 $9.95*
$35.00 $39.99 $10.95
$40.00 $49.99 $11.95**
$50.00 $59.99 $12.95
$60.00 $69.99 $13.95
$70.00 $79.99 $14.95
$80.00 $89.99 $15.95
$90.00 $99.99 $16.95
$100.00 $114.99 $17.95
$115.00 $149.99 $19.95
$150.00 $199.99 $21.95
$200.00 $299.99 $25.95
$300.00 $499.00 $32.95
$500.00 $1000.00 $39.95

* Note: An order for a single item costing $32.99 or $34.99 is $7.95 shipping.

** Note: An order for a single item costing $44.99 is $8.95 shipping.

Shipping Costs to Alaska and Hawaii

From To Max Weight Charge
$0.00 $65.99 12 lbs $52.95
$66.00 $99.99 25 lbs $81.95
$100.00 $149.99 35 lbs $99.95
$150.00+     Call