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Why pawTree?

Feed your pets with confidence knowing that you are fueling their bodies with the proper nutrition needed to support optimal health and vitality.

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Because Compromise Is Out of the Question.

With nearly two decades of experience as a CEO in the pet industry, our founder and CEO Roger Morgan experienced first-hand the negative impact of companies compromising quality, putting profits before pets.

Unwilling to cut corners, he founded pawTree to craft products with uncompromising standards to be distributed through trusted relationships, versus big box stores. He chose to only bring products to market that put our pet’s health before profits.

Cutting corners doesn’t cut it for us, because your pet’s health is an investment — not an expense.

We Help You Take The Guesswork Out of Pet Nutrition.

From sourcing premium human-grade ingredients to our selected USDA registered and inspected manufacturing facilities, our standards of quality never waver.


make pet parents choose which ingredients are most important for their pet's health, because they're all important.


formulate products based on buzz words or the latest fads.


include the minimum ingredients to make specific claims.

We Do

work with a team of trusted vets and PhDs in animal science and pet nutrition to develop premium products that ensure our pets are at their best …. always.

We exceed industry standards by simply living up to our own.

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pawTree Products Translate into Savings for You!

With no fillers or by-products, our nutritionally-dense food is rich in named-animal proteins and antioxidants, providing the pure, natural nutrition your pets need. As a result, you'll feed less per day than other pet food.

Our holistic approach to pet nutrition allows your pets to thrive, not just survive. This preventative measure helps you to avoid costly vet visits.

But we’re not just selling you a bag of food or treats, we’re providing a lifetime of proper nutrition.

Trust Starts With a Promise!

Our products work, and we stand behind them. We are committed to sharing only the highest-quality food, treats and supplements that make a transformative difference in the lives of our pets ... nothing less.

So, if for any reason, you are not satisfied, contact us and we promise to make it right. That’s our promise and your guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and your pets have everything to gain.

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