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Chillax to the Max™ CBD Bone - Small

Item: 2335


Ideal For:

  • Occupying your dog during stressful times
  • Moderate to aggressive chewers
  • Small to medium-sized dogs

When they're stressed out, throw them a bone - A Chillax to the Max™ Bone!

These long-lasting nylon bones are coated with a clear, soluble CBD herbal supplement for oral delivery. The CBD is gradually released as your dog chews or licks the bone.

The bone has a glossy appearance when new -- this is the minty CBD coating. As long as the bone is shiny, there is CBD available for consumption (don't forget to look in the nooks and crannies)!

CBD is an extract from the Hemp plant and is known for a variety of therapeutic effects.

CBD does NOT contain any psychoactive ingredients and will not make your dog "high". The CBD will start working in 30-60 minutes from ingestion and can last for 2-12 hours. This can vary depending on metabolism, activity, and how much is ingested. CBD is most effective after using it for several days.



Want to make it more fun for your dog?

Spread a small amount of peanut butter, cream cheese, yogurt or soft cheese into the tiny holes to encourage your dog to chew or lick the bone. For extra nutrition and deliciousness, sprinkle some pawPairings® Superfood Seasoning in the holes and then cover them up with one of the spreads. They'll love this new game of "hide-and-seek"!


  • Small bone is 5.5" x 2" Bone
  • The Chillax to the Max™ small bone has 10 mg of CBD per bone
  • Puppies at 8 weeks can chew on the Chillax to the Max™ CBD Bone.
  • Made from durable, FDA-compliant nylon, human-grade mint flavoring and CBD oil.
  • All ingredients are sourced in the USA and proudly Made in the USA.
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic and safe for your furry kids.




Non-toxic, allergen free, FDA-compliant nylon, natural flavor, CBD (0.0% THC)



  • The effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) can be impacted by certain pharmaceutical medications.
  • Consult your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD if they are on medications.
  • Always supervise your pet when chewing any bone, and remove the bone if damaged.
  • This bone is CHEWABLE but NON-EDIBLE.
  • Nylon is very durable and chew marks or small granules are to be expected.
  • There is no danger of your dog overdosing on CBD from this chew.
  • Do not wash the bone as it will diminish the potency and effectiveness of the CBD.

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