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Keep Your Pets CalmDuring Stressful Times!


When You Want Them Calm - Naturally! The most comprehensive natural calming aid supplement for dogs and cats that helps alleviate over-the-top, uncontrollable anxiousness due to stressful events.

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The Perfect Blend Of Natural Ingredients to Calm Them Down Fast! Chillax™ is a thoughtfully formulated supplement developed to help with common triggers including anxiety from thunderstorms, fear of fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, trips to the vet or groomer, stranger anxiety or even bathing and nail trims.

Hemp Seed

Hemp seed oil and hemp seed powder reduce anxiety and discomfort.

Chamomile & Ginger

Alleviate nausea by soothing upset stomachs and help to ease digestion.

Melatonin & Valerian

Melatonin helps to promote relaxation and sleep. Valerian reduces anxiety and also promotes sleep.

Passion Flower

Relieves anxiety, stress and tension; and promotes relaxation.

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